Shake Your Groove Thing: Why You Should Start Doing Zumba

Whether you are just starting out Zumba as a cardio workout that consists of mini dance routines conducted in an interval-style. The dances taught are influenced by Latin dance styles with a mixture of high and low-intensity exercise moves. In this article, you will find out about some of the benefits Zumba can give to you! 

  1. 1. It’s a Total Body Workout

    One of the best things about taking a Zumba class is that it works out your entire body simply by dancing. The dance moves help your balance, flexibility, coordination conditioning your muscles, and burning calories and fat. As you boogie on down, all of your body’s physical needs are met. 

  2. 2. Caters to Your Personal Fitness Abilities

    You are free to go at your own pace and do the moves how you want to do! While they are set routines, there is room for flexibility in how to do them. Most instructors also provide different ways to do certain moves during more difficult routines. Do what your body allows you to do and no one will try to push you to do more than you are capable of. Let go and get loose!

  3. 3. The Ultimate Mood Lifter

    As physical activity is known to be a natural way to help someone destress, Zumba makes it a party experience. It brings positive vibes into you through exciting remixes of your favorite pop songs and Latin music and the fun dance moves.  In addition to that, your Zumba instructor is literally your personal cheerleader and human-form of caffeine in your life you didn’t know you needed. They usually are always up-beat and say encouraging things to the class throughout the entire class to motivate you. All of this helps you relieve any negative feelings you may have and feel more uplifted.

  4. 4. The Social Environment

    Sometimes working out by yourself can be scary but doing a group workout class can make it better. You can go with your girls and/or create new friendships! For the most part, everyone is supportive and positive with each other. People like to help and motivate each other through these routines. Plus, dancing and singing together helps you get through the tricky steps. Whether it’s your 1st class or your 100th, you will feel like you're in a little community rather than a class.

  5. 5. Promotes Self-Confidence & Body Positivity

    The saying “come as you are” definitely applies here in the world of Zumba. The beautiful thing about a class like this is that it welcomes people of all ages, shapes, sizes, and appearances to come. This is empowering and encouraging because sometimes we are judged based on our ability and appearances or we compare ourselves to others so much it can make us feel down. However, with Zumba, it invites you to celebrate who you are and the beauty of all of our differences. The more you do the class, the more you will learn to become more comfortable in your own skin and become more in-tune with your body.

Overall, Zumba is one of the coolest and challenging fitness programs out there that can help you feel good physically, mentally, and emotionally. It truly shows you how to see the fun in working out and the beauty of your body through the movement of dance. Next time you feel like showing off your dance moves, check out a gym or fitness center close to you and Zumba!