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Reasons Why Dorming Might Not Be Your Thing, It Wasn’t Mine

In college, dorming and living away from home can be fun, interesting, and a great experience. Some people are cut out for it but some are not, which is totally okay! From personal experience, I learned I was one of those people who aren’t cut out for it and here’s why: 

1. It made me more anxious and stressed.

I noticed at the beginning of my first semester, things were going smoothly since the college transition was still so fresh and new to everyone. However, once things started to kick in, reality began to settle and I started becoming anxious and stressed. Not being able to go straight home after a long day to de-stress did not really help the situation. 

2. I missed sleeping in my bed.

Everyday, I would wake up before my class, wishing I was at home waking up in my own bed. There’s just something about sleeping in your own bed that brings comfort. Those uncomfortable dorm room beds do not do me any justice! 

3. I quickly got sick of dining hall food.

After the first couple weeks of schools, the dining hall became a dread and I actually started dreaming about my mom’s cooking, since I wasn’t getting that much variety in my system like I had at home. I would actually envy my parents when they would tell me they were going out to our favorite restaurant or send me pictures of my mom’s cooking. 

4. I needed the comfort of my own room.

My room back at home is my sanctuary and safe place. It’s a space where I feel the most content and it’s where I did most of my growing. Being away from home and living in these concrete-block dorm rooms definitely did not give me the same vibe and comfort.

5. I felt utterly confined. 

Being away at school, without any car, started to takes its toll. I remember telling myself I wouldn’t go home as often but after the first couple of weekends passed, I felt as if I was trapped at school and didn’t have much of a life. Being home is a change of environment and it’s also easy for me to simply run to the mall or run errands if I need to get out and be productive! 

6. Home is where my heart is.

As cliche as it sounds, home really is where the heart is. Being the homebody I am, I find myself much happier and comforted when I’m surrounded by the familiarity of my home and the town I live in. 

Moral of the story, dorming isn’t for everyone and that is okay! I always felt that there is this stigma that if you don’t dorm, you’re not getting that “college experience.” However, in reality a college experience is whatever you make out of it! Living on or off campus does not dictate the adventure you’ll have in college. You can have the same experiences either way.

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Hope is a junior at Montclair State University, majoring in English. She is the current Lifestyle editor at Her Campus Montclair. Besides having a love for writing, you can often find her listening and discovering new music, admiring sunsets, and fangirling over dogs. 
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