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PR Major and Organization Queen: Cynthia Huasipoma

Name: Cynthia Huasipoma

Age: 22

Major: Public Relations

Why did you choose to be a public relations major?

I chose to be a public relations major because I enjoy connecting others to awesome brands in creative ways. I feel fulfilled when a press release goes live, a pitch gets picked up, an event is successful or our client is mentioned in the news.


What aspect of your college career has been the most rewarding for you?

My four internships have been the most rewarding experiences during my college career. My classes gave me a solid foundation that allowed me to easily apply classroom concepts in real situations.


You’ve had an impressive academic and professional track record already. What drives your motivation for all of this and how did you get started?

My motivations are hunger and curiosity. I’m always looking for ways to better myself as a PR professional to further help my clients and their needs. I’ve attended industry conferences, panels, networking events and workshops. As a college student, I suggest starting in NYC. I started to attend events in the media and PR industry at the beginning of my sophomore year.


Can you name one lesson you’ve learned while at each of your four internships?

Internships teach you many hands-on skills. One important lesson I learned while shadowing my supervisors was how to create and maintain great client relationships.


You also have an Instagram page (@CynthiasDesk) dedicated to organization. What are your top tips for keeping organized and on top of things?

My top tips are to always write things down and prepare in advance. Working in PR requires high attention to detail, therefore writing down tasks, deadlines, and meetings in a notebook can help refresh your memory when multi-tasking. For those who prefer a more rigid structure (like myself,) keep a weekly agenda.


How has looking for post-grad jobs been so far? Was there anything that surprised you about the process?

The job search process has been great. There’s so many positions open in the PR field across several sectors. The field is constantly growing and PR is needed now more than ever. There was nothing surprising about the search process and the full-time interviews I have gone on were all standard for the industry.


What’s something you wish you knew as a college freshman?

Regarding traffic, there are easier routes to take to campus!



Favorite color: Aquamarine

Favorite song: This week it’s “Fire and the Flood” by Vance Joy

Favorite food: Chicken Tempura Rolls, no sesame seeds.

Tea or coffee: Tea, preferably Mint Majesty

Public relations major, writer for Her Campus, and social stylist for the Gap. Also an avid lover of corny humor and a good cup of coffee. 
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