It's Time to Ditch the “Fashionably Late” Excuse

Thanks to a full face of Fenty Beauty and Anastasia Beverly Hills along with a hint of Trophy Wife on those cheekbones, a short makeup process turned into a 40 minute one... Not to mention your extra-arched eyebrow that had to be perfected in exchange for ten more minutes. Oh, wait. Must include a bold red lip to compliment your choice of an all-white ensemble for the affair, got to dress to impress. You arrive close to two hours late. Just as your gold stilettos step into the venue, the DJ announces that it’s the last song of the night. Oh, no! 

Oh, yes. 

Because, well, you were “fashionably late” after all. Your crush didn’t get to see your sick Fenty glow or the dress that hugged all the right places because he just left ten minutes before you even arrived. Also, your $25 Uber ride has gone to waste AND you missed the squad photo with the girls (that’s already been posted on Instagram). You missed every priceless moment, in exchange for two hours of makeup application and fashion decisions. Was it worth it? I think not. 

Whether it's because you're just an unpunctual individual or are unavoidably indecisive in the face of fashion when getting ready, being "fashionably late" is just not a good look, even if the excuse was because you were just trying to look good. Developing a habit, whether good or bad, comes with constant behaviors practiced and orchestrated in routine. So by making tardiness a habit, not only is it detrimental to adopt, it's consequential when you let it become a part of your nature. It’s cute the first time when you arrive looking dashing and the festivities are still happening. However, It’s concerning when you’re so late that you miss the Guest of Honor blowing out their candles for their birthday (rude much!). Let’s ditch being “fashionably late” please and just do things in a timely fashion. 

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