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The Importance of Taking Time for Yourself

College can be a huge wake-up call for most people. Leisure time starts to dwindle, and the amount of tasks and obligations you have to manage (as well as fundamental human things like, you know, sleeping and eating) can seem impossible. Add a social life and staying physically fit on top of that… and you’re on your way to having full-blown anxiety.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. It’s easy in this culture to think you have to be super productive and “on” at all times; the more you’re able to do, the better your life is, right? There is also the dreaded FOMO (fear of missing out) feeling you get when you feel too tired to attend a social event. You suspect you will regret not going out because people will be posting on social media about how much fun they’re having.

In order to retain your sanity and a general sense of humanity, you need to be strong enough to know when to say “no.” Overcommitting is a sneaky trap to fall into, and once you’re locked in it’s like quicksand. The quality of each area of your life will decrease if you spread yourself too thin, which helps no one.

It’s important to know how to be able to step back, evaluate how you’re feeling, and react accordingly. If you’re feeling overstimulated or stressed out, sometimes having a long weekend to relax by yourself and do things you enjoy will help “reset” this feeling and rejuvenate you enough to take on your responsibilities again.

You are not less of a person for taking the time to be by yourself and not do anything “productive” or social for a little bit. It is necessary for your mental health and stamina to take a step back from your hectic life. So go enjoy that show on Netflix you want to binge-watch, or get some much-needed sleep, or read a book, or basically anything that makes you feel relaxed and happy! And try not to think about everything you need to do while you’re doing so. You’ll get back to your grind feeling fresher than ever.


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Lauren Wisnewski is a photographer and artist, and she is currently studying graphic design at Montclair State University.www.laurenwisnewski.com
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