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I Just Started Using Makeup and Here’s What I Learned

Please don’t hate me for this, but during my 21 and a half years in this world, I have never cared about makeup. It seemed confusing, time consuming, boring, and expensive. Well, I was only half right. It’s time consuming and definitely expensive but I’ve learned to enjoy it. If there’s anyone out there like me, a girl that was once careless and clueless when it came to cosmetics, here’s how I started using and doing makeup!

1. Don’t cheap out on stuff that goes on your face. When I was younger I used to buy cheap makeup from the drugstore and then I would be confused as to how I got pimples. It’s the sad and expensive reality, but, you MUST get good makeup. It goes on your face. You have to be good to your face. My two most expensive items are my moisturizer and my foundation. They go on first and cover the majority of your face so it’s a kinder barrier on my skin than cheaper alternatives.

2. Develop a routine. If you don’t understand what you’re doing, that’s most the problem. I used to use eyeliner and makeup brushes completely wrong. I start with moisturizer, move on to foundation and concealer, then I do blush and highlight, followed by eye makeup and lip. You should obviously do what feels best for you but this is what I’ve learned works the best.

3.  Setting spray. I used to hate wearing makeup when it rained or in the summer. I constantly looked like an animal. I always wanted to touch my face whenever I had makeup on. Setting spray might be the coolest thing I learned about through my findings. It’s just a spray that keeps your makeup looking good day in and day out. It’s the most amazing thing I’ve ever purchased.

4. It’s OK to make mistakes. I like to believe I am now a makeup goddess but that’s not always the case. I still don’t understand top eyeliner (someone please help), and I still mess up and have to start over. In the end, just have fun with it!


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