I Fully Support the Kardashian’s & Here’s Why

Whether or not you’ve watched their reality TV show “Keeping Up with the Kardashians,” you’ve likely heard of the Kardashians by now. From Kylie’s Lip Kit or Kim’s hubby Kanye, this family is always in the media despite the amount of backlash they receive. There seems to be a huge division when it comes to choosing to support or completely shun this bunch, and it’s not hard to see why. The Kardashians are unapologetically themselves, and the way they go about things may not resonate with everyone. I’ve been binge-watching “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” from season one, and I’ve found some things that always keeps me coming back for more!

They’re simply hilarious

They’re not afraid to poke fun at themselves and each other. I particularly like Khloe’s cutting, sarcastic sense of humor. The family is blunt with one another, and they don’t let a day go by where they aren’t throwing playful jabs. As displayed on their TV show “Keeping Up with the Kardashians,” they know how to utilize humor to address awkward situations and patch up differences when they are at odds with one another.

They cherish family over everything

When the whole world seems to oppose them, and the odds are stacked against them, it doesn’t seem to faze them as long as their family is on their side. This is a good attitude to have in the current social media age, which entails that everything you do and say may be used against you. When things get too harsh, the way they’re able to find sanctuary in their family is amazing.

They believe in female empowerment

Kim Kardashian is the biggest example of this. She’s an advocate of wearing and posting whatever she likes and doesn’t let the unforgiving criticism of the web stop her. Her body is hers and only hers to do with what she pleases. She also doesn’t let her scandal involving a sex tape with her previous boyfriend Ray J make her feel ashamed, and she handles it with stride whenever her past is brought up.

They’re raw and real

They’re not afraid to admit when they make mistakes and have no issue allowing their insecurities to shine. Kylie and her lip injections is a great example. Indeed, she tried to play off the rumors that targeted her new look and stated that she didn’t get any at first, but afterwards she openly admitted to getting lip injections, as a result of her insecurity with having thin lips. Her sister Kim did not shy away from letting her disdain be known when unflattering photos of her at the beach surfaced on the web as well, revealing that the unflattering bikini photos gave her body dysmorphia.

This family is not afraid to make mistakes, own up to them, and learn from them. The next time the Kardashians come up in conversation, remember that they’re humans like anyone else. You don’t need to love them, but perhaps some of these things will make them more relatable. I for one will always be rooting for them!