I Dropped my Minor to Graduate

When I was in high school, college life was almost a fantasy to me. The idea of being able to study what I wanted, and having so much free time excited me beyond words. I told myself back then that I would double major, and double minor and join so many campus clubs. But at this point in my life, I’d tell my younger self that it isn’t always that easy. Even right now, I’m barely keeping up with the courses in my major, I had to drop my minor, and the only on-campus organization that I’m a part of is writing for Her Campus Montclair. The reality is a lot different than what I had pictured it to be.

I dropped my French minor when I was just two courses away from completing it because I needed to graduate on time. People asked me, why don’t I take summer courses, or just graduate a semester later, but that was just it. I couldn’t afford that. I can’t afford to take summer courses, or extend another semester – it just wasn’t an option.

If I had the leisure to make the choice, I wouldn’t have dropped my French minor. It was something that I was in love with, the language, the culture, everything. I started learning French in middle school and it was just something that always stuck with me. When I decided so quickly that I needed to drop the minor, I surprised myself but I knew that I had to make that sacrifice.

It was upsetting and there were indeed times when I wanted to undo my decision, but I’ve come to realize that it was probably for the best. I tell myself this all the time. There’s nothing wrong with not being able to afford things, especially college courses; those things are pricey. There is nothing wrong with wanting or needing to graduate on time, just like how there’s nothing wrong with staying an extra semester or extra year.  There is nothing wrong with dropping a course, or even a minor, if you can’t fit it into your schedule, or if you’re overwhelmed. It’s okay. There’s always the hope that you can take courses in the future if you want to pursue your learning; there are more options available now.

So yeah, I dropped my minor to graduate on time. And that’s okay. I can always go back to it if I want to, and so can you.


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