How to Get Your Motivation Back

A new beginning brings on a few different things; a different schedule, a new pace of life, and bringing yourself to be motivated for your work. Whether it’s going back to school for a new semester or you’re starting a new job, it can be especially hard to refocus and get your motivation back. 

After a great summer, your mind might still be thinking about taking that trip down to the beach or hanging out with friends. You can still do these things, but now it’s about finding a work-life balance, so you can be efficient at work and still have time for your hobbies. Here are some steps you can take to help yourself.

  1. 1. Refocus. Remind yourself of your priorities.

    During summer vacation, it was possible that you might have had a few responsibilities. Now is the perfect time to refocus these responsibilities for work-life balance. A part of this is writing down your priorities; this can be done by writing it down in a journal or a post-it, and first writing down each priority and even numbering which is most important to you. Make sure wherever you put this note of priorities, that it can be easily seen. For instance, you can dog-ear the page you wrote in your journal or post the post-it on the wall above your desk. This will help to reorganize your thoughts and put you on the right track to accomplishing your tasks efficiently.

  2. 2. Know Yourself.

    A good part of figuring out your responsibilities is also understanding how you need to accomplish certain tasks. People either love working around a lot of people while others can only be around minimal noise so there aren’t many distractions. Knowing your habits and understanding what works for you is what also helps you to become more motivated to finish what you started. This goes along with the idea that once you know yourself and become self-aware of your actions, then you know what it’s like to work with yourself. From there, you can set your own goals on how to be more motivated for your job, as being self-aware helps to distinguish anything getting in your way. 

  3. 3. Stay Committed!

    When you get assigned a new project at work or school, there is something you need to be reminded of. Everyone is supposed to contribute, and their share should be credited and presented well. This can happen through the commitment of your work; any work that you’re assigned should have your print on it. This doesn’t just mean putting your name at the top of the paper and handing it in at the due date, but your effort and ideas need to be present when submitting it. 

    Many people care about doing this, while others don’t and see it as a waste of time. However, once you’ve contributed to your fullest, then you will be content about it. This will be a great first step to accomplishing other goals you have in mind - once you’ve completed one project, it’s always easier to motivate yourself to complete the next one. 

For now, it’s time to get ready to move out of your bed and finally close the default Netflix tab you had opened all summer. On the bright side, it’s a new opportunity and a fresh plate to begin new work and set goals for yourself. This can be the perfect time to start over and motivate yourself.