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How To Enjoy Spring Break During a Pandemic

With daylight savings beginning, the weather warming up, flowers blooming and the sun staying out for a longer period of time; spring has finally sprung! With the warmer weather finally approaching, it means spring break is upon us. Unfortunately, due to COVID-19,  some of our spring break plans might have been delayed or canceled. However, everyone needs some time to relax and recharge themselves so what better time to do that than during spring break! Below are just a few ideas on how to enjoy your spring break, COVID edition.

1. Spend Time with Family and Friends

Now that you’re on your spring break, you have so much time on your hands. Why not visit your family members and hang out with them! It’s always nice to bond with our family and reconnect with them. After all, they’re our family and spending time with them is very important. The same goes for our friends. Enjoy a night out with them or spend the day with them. Eat lunch together, have a picnic together, watch some movies and just enjoy spending time together. Enjoy your free time with your family and friends!

2. Spa Day/ Treating Yourself

No matter who you are and what you do, a spa day will help you become relaxed and it’ll also help you improve your personal care with nice facials, massages and more self-care treatments! Everyone deserves a break, so why not treat yourself to a nice spa with your best friend or family member if you wish and enjoy it. It’s always nice to treat yourself every now and then and honestly, you deserve it!

3. Hosting a Barbecue

While still following COVID-19 restrictions, you could still host a small barbecue in your backyard if you wish to! This is a great idea especially now that the weather is getting warmer and since the gathering is outdoors, you can invite your family or friends over to enjoy your small get-together! Of course, just make sure to follow COVID-19 regulations, such as making sure you’re well and everyone else is. Other than that, make sure to cook out a delicious meal!

4. Road Trips

Instead of taking an airplane, why not consider driving to new destinations and explore new places! With that being said, you could always drive locally to visit new towns or parks you’ve never been to before. However, if you don’t wish to drive locally, you could also look into driving to a new state you’ve never been to before. Maybe look at a map and see where you’ve already visited and which places or states you haven’t visited yet. It’s always nice to explore and see new places every once in a while. While you’re there, make sure to take pictures to remember the new destinations you’ve visited on your road trip! 

5. Try New Hobbies

Ever considered trying something new and out of your comfort zone? Maybe it’s snowboarding, surfing, painting, singing, cooking, writing or playing an instrument. Give one of your new interests a try and who knows? Maybe you’ll end up loving it or maybe you’ve had a talent all this time and you never knew about it until now! Remember, it doesn’t hurt to try something new after all.

6. Exercise

I know what you’re probably thinking. Why would you want to exercise during spring break? Well, if you don’t have anything to do, exercising is extremely important. It’s important to exercise every day for various reasons and it’s extremely beneficial for your health. Take a few minutes out of your day and just exercise. I promise it’s worth it and overall it’s good for you, your mental health and body!

As always, please remember to stay safe and have a wonderful spring break!

Andrea Mora

Montclair '23

Andrea is a junior undergraduate student majoring in Public Relations at Montclair State University. During her free time, she enjoys being on social media, going to the city, being creative, taking pictures of nature, and being with family and friends. She hopes to one day become an influencer to work with brands, become a social media manager or become a brand manager, and overall obtain a career in Public Relations! 🏙✨
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