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Her Campus Montclair Talks Style

When it comes to fashion and style, it’s always fun to get inspiration and ideas from other girls! As a fashion major and the Assistant Fashion & Beauty Editor of HCM, I love asking people about their feelings regarding style, trends, beauty, and other fashion-related topics. So, I asked the Her Campus Montclair team some style-related questions and here’s what they said.

1. How would you describe your personal style?

Danielle Pransky, President & Editor-in-Chief: “I would describe my personal style as simple with appreciation for a bold statement here and there… or maybe that’s my personality. I think my overall style can be summed up as a flattering black blouse and a good pair of jeans.”

Sabrina Araullo, Vice President & Content Strategy Director: “I’d describe my style as something like Madewell and Zara having a baby.”

Emma Flusk, Events Director, Writer, & Incoming President: “My style is definitely 90s inspired as well as comfortable and laid back.”

Zobia Alvi, Writer and Incoming Events & Marketing Executive: “I would describe my personal style as classy and comfortable. I usually dress up for my office job and go for floral cotton blouses and soft dress pants so I can wear them in class too.”

Liz Del Tufo, Writer: “Definitely glam, but college glam since ya girl is poor.”

Sonia Anand, Social Media & Marketing Contributor: “I describe my style as edgy, a little bit girly and I love glamour.”

Mia Montalvo, Social Media & Marketing Contributor: “I’d say I’d describe my style as sort of a vintage boho, but it’s definitely about what makes me feel most comfortable physically and mentally! Clothes are definitely an expression of who you are.”


2. What are your feelings regarding trends?

Danielle: “I’m not one to try anything THAT bold so I commonly stick to contemporary or minimalist trends.”

Sabrina: “I don’t follow trends but I appreciate the work that goes into developing and executing them in terms of the industry at large.”

Emma: “Some trends are really cool and others not so much. My opinion on a certain trend will be completely different from someone else’s and that’s a good thing! Everyone has their preferences and should wear what makes them feel their best.”

Zobia: “I’m usually drawn to certain trends and tend to ignore those that don’t pertain to me. For example, I love the trend lately for matte lipstick, but I couldn’t be caught anything athlesiure ever.”

Liz: “Honestly depends on the trend and if I actually like it.”

Sonia: “I like some trends but not all, my go to has always been shorts and a crop top.”

3. Where are your favorite places to shop and why?

Danielle: “Zara, H&M, Nordstrom.”

Sabrina: “I like shopping at Zara, Banana Republic, and I can’t think of other ones” :)

Emma: “My favorite places to shop are Forever 21, H&H, and T.J. Max. I’ll be happy in any place that has cute clothes and are college budget friendly!”

Zobia: “I love shopping at Charlotte Russe, T.J. Max, and Nordstrom Rack.”

Liz: “Wet Seal, Victoria’s Secret, Fabletics, Forever 21, the MSU bookstore.”

Sonia: “I love to shop at Forever 21, Charlotte Russe, and Hollister.”


4. How do you feel about makeup?

Alyssa Ruiz, Social Media Contributor and Incoming Social Media Director: “I love makeup, it’s one of my favorite things. I really enjoy being able to create a wide variety of different looks. I find it relaxing and fun to do every morning. I also enjoy following the trends, like wearing dark lipstick in the fall and winter. And then wearing bright, bold colors in the summer and spring! It’s something I can never get enough of!”

Danielle: “If I’m trying to look my best, it’s a must.”

Sabrina: “I’m indifferent towards makeup but I wear it every day if I’m going to work/school.”

Emma : “I really like makeup! On a everyday basis I go for a minimal makeup look and for a going out look I will go for a more dramatic full face.”

Zobia : “Love wearing light makeup almost everyday!”

Liz: “I just got into it but I love it! (Check out her article on it!) But it is expensive.”

Sonia : “I love makeup but I also like having a fresh face.”

Mia: “I feel like makeup for me is fun when I want to get dressed up! I love a good red lipstick. But I love going au naturale as well!”

5. What do you think makes someone “fashionable?”

Cassidy Lunney, Fashion & Beauty Editor and Writer: “I’d say that somebody is considered fashionable if they truly love the trendy clothes they are wearing and feel comfortable wearing them. If they’re going to a college party wearing trendy items instead of the typical all black, skin tight outfit or jeans and a tank top, I’d say that qualifies as somebody who doesn’t care what the typical attire is for the occasion. Also, if you tend to opt for a more fashionable approach to the business casual look by adding fun styles and pops of color instead of wearing a plain blazer and dress pants, (not that there’s anything wrong with this, it is just more expected in the workplace) you are probably very much into the way your clothing makes you look and feel for yourself and not anybody else!”

Danielle: “When they’re rockin’ what they got.”

Sabrina: “I think being considered fashionable is being true to your personal style and confident in what you’re wearing.”

Emma: “Someone is fashionable if they’re totally rocking whatever they’re wearing with confidence. I think fashion is very subjective, so someone could wear a piece of clothing I would never wear but if they seem confident I automatically think they are put together.”

Zobia: “I definitely side with Coco Chanel when she says ‘Fashion fades, only style remains the same.’ It’s true, fashionable trends come and go but a person’s style can always be considered fashionable.”

Liz: “Being true to yourself and loving what you wear.”

Sonia: “Things that make someone fashionable is being comfortable in what you’re wearing, experimenting with new trends, and having your own unique style.”


Other fashion-related input from our Her Campus Montclair team:

Sabrina: “I’d say just have fun with your style and make sure you’re confident in what you’re wearing.”

Cassidy: “Fashion is all about expressing who you are on the inside and interpreting it on the outside for others to get a sense of who you are and what you are about.”

Sonia: “Fashion is definitely a great way to express yourself and show your personality through your clothes.”


All in all, everyone has different feelings toward fashion, beauty and style. But the one thing our whole team seems to agree on is that anyone can be fashionable as long as they are happy with how they look and feel!


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Zoe Nolz

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Zoe is a student at Montclair State University. She is the current Fashion and Beauty Editor for Her Campus Montclair. When she is not in class or doing work, you can catch her hanging with friends, shopping, writing, watching movies, drinking smoothies, just chilling or off on an adventure!
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