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Don’t Be Afraid To Grow Lil’ Flower

Once a seed is planted it is nourished. The sun rays warm the soil, and the raindrops cool it. All in hopes of creating one perfect flower. Clouds pass by and another night forms into the day. A sprout is formed and the neighboring flowers are thrilled. How exciting to have a new friend, with new hopes and dreams. The other flowers love her, without even knowing her, they love her. She holds all the promises of tomorrow and believes in the story of today. Once this Lil’ flower feels the love waiting for her she blooms, with the coloring of fire orange, and crimson red. This is it, the moment the garden has waited for. Blooming is everything the Lil’ flower thought it would. Yet she asked, “what’s left for me?”


What is left? When what you were meant to do is done, and that time in life has gone? The Lil’ flower thought of how scary it would be to grow older and watch her petals fall far away. Then one day a new seed was planted and nourished. Our Lil’ flower loved that seed with all her being, without even knowing her, she loved her. She formed hopes and dreams for that seed to grow into full bloom. As our Lil’ flower watched the new flower sprout she realized love is left, and it will always be left. Petals fall, raindrops dry, but love will last. Who and what you love is what lasts the longest.


Allyson Latini

Montclair '20

Allyson is a Senior at MSU studying Jazz with a double major in Marketing. In her free time she enjoys reading, painting, and traveling! She loves stories and fairytales. Everyone has a story to tell, and Allyson loves helping people tell them. “Finding something worth believing in is the closest thing we have to magic, so believe darling.”
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