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Stumbling onto dessert TikTok has been my favorite as there are different types of videos, featuring ASMRs, aesthetically-pleasing and even ones with storytimes. There are a couple of TikToks that are overdone, while there are some great ones that stick out. Read on to see why and what kind of TikTok accounts I like, including a few of my favorites and recommendations!


Baking ASMR by @galskitchen

If you love ASMR, you’re gonna love galskitchen. When the pandemic first hit and before my love for baking grew exponentially, I only understood why ASMR mukbangs and cooking videos on YouTube were so popular and sought-after. After watching galskitchen, I finally get why baking ASMR has more of a demand! 


Their account’s filled with a lot of baking videos varying from bread, cookies, macarons, cakes and more desserts! I found another ASMR account that only makes me want to watch all of their videos, but their videos are also oddly-satisfying. One of my favorite videos of theirs is their recent lemon macarons recipe. I recommend making it if you want something sweet yet refreshing!


Plant-Based and Vegan Baking by @honeynutcherrios_

A lot of vegans and people who eat plant-based diets tend to have less access to a lot of baking recipes because most of them include eggs, butter, milk chocolate or whipped cream. Thankfully, now there are plenty of substitutes in the industry that allow vegans and plant-based dieters to recreate their favorite recipes. Sarah, also known as honeynutcherrios_ on TikTok, prepares creative, healthy yet sweet recipes for those who would like to continue exploring their tastes in new diets. 


I highly recommend their recent vegan cinnamon bun pancakes and their vegan breakfast cake recipes! Their pancakes recipe is full proof and feels cozy to eat on a snowy Saturday morning. Though not necessary to eat for breakfast, their recent vegan breakfast cake is filled with great nutrients like oats and fulfills any breakfast craving you might have throughout the day!


Minimalist Cakes, Lunchbox Cakes AND More Cakes by @lovesicksami

Sami is a rising baker who has shown her followers on TikTok just how inventive she can be by challenging herself with the latest tiktok trends, like creating minimalist cakes that were popular during the last “cottagecore” summer and the picnics that were popular among friend groups. She’s successfully made other desserts and treats like scones, croissants and macarons! Her page is filled with a combination of her baking videos, a few crochets compilations and a couple of day-in-the-life videos.


One of my favorite things about her account is that she doesn’t just post her baking compilations, but she prefers posting varying content to relate and connect with her followers. My favorite TikTok by her is her recent minimalist cake that was inspired by Harry Styles’ nail art. With a plain white background, she piped the words “HAPPY BIRTHDAY” and piped some smiley faces with yellow-colored buttercream. This is definitely one of my favorites, not just because it was inspired by Harry Styles, but because I can try doing a similar minimalist cake!


Let’s Switch Over to Dessert TikTok

Baking can be a form of therapy, especially watching other people bake in aesthetically pleasing, soothing ambiances. I’ve catered my ‘For You’ page to discover other accounts that are just as aesthetically pleasing and calming to watch. After being on baking and cake TikTok, it makes me appreciate the simplicity of making baked goods and how much time and effort each dough and flour needs. Let’s cross over to dessert TikTok and enjoy some soothing content together!

Harmeen is a student at Montclair State University, New Jersey and is majoring in Business Administration with a Concentration in Marketing. Of course, besides being a Marketing student, she's interested in fashion and lifestyle, and motivated to write unique pieces for her interests.
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