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Kicking back with a good book is one of the best things you can do to relax and clear your mind. Whether you are into memoirs, fiction, fashion, self-help, or none of the above, I can assure you my list of Badass Books For College Gals will make you want to get your hands on them all!​​

The Last Living Slut: Born in Iran, Bred Backstage by Roxana Shirazi

This memoir is about a woman named Roxana who shares her truly incredible life story about growing up in Iran with her family and friends who were ruled by a complete and utter dictator. Anybody who was against him or his laws would be persecuted, tortured or murdered. Roxana was able to escape to England where she continued to grow into the complete opposite of what was expected of her by her religious family. Roxana tells wild and some emotional tales about being a groupie, traveling the world to see and hang out with some of the most renowned rock bands of her time.

The Girl With The Lower Back Tattoo by Amy Schumer

For fans of comedy, Amy Schumer’s autobiography is not something to skip out on. Amy will have you laughing from beginning to end. She really shows you how to make the best of the worst situations. 

I’m Your Biggest Fan by Kate Coyne

As an entertainment editor and journalist, Kate Coyne recounts various memories of celebrity encounters. This book is perfect for anybody looking towards a career in PR, entertainment, fashion, TV production or journalism. Kate shows what is like to be on the outside looking in one day and on the inside looking out the next. 

We Are Never Meeting in Real Life by Samantha Irby

This is hands down, the best collection of personal essays that I’ve ever read. Samantha Irby has a way of being the voice of millennials even though she has lived, failed and succeeded in this world longer than anyone reading this probably has. Samantha’s quirky and witty writing style will be the key to your heart. 

It by Alexa Chung

I’m not really sure what category to file this book under but it is pure genius. Alexa Chung is a fashion icon and goofball from the U.K. who will inspire you to be creative and love yourself in every way. This one is a super quick read too, perfect to kill some time in between classes or during a long commute!


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Cassidy Lunney is a fashion studies and journalism student at Montclair State! She is also the fashion + beauty editor for HerCampus Montclair. Aside from fashion, some of her favorite things are her dog, buffalo dip and comedy. Check out some of her content on Instagram: @cassidylunney
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