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Anachrista Earl while traveling
Anachrista Earl while traveling
Anachrista Earl

A Montclair Success: Anachrista Earl

As I was preparing to enter college life, I was introduced to the very fashionable, kind and hilarious Anachrista Earl. Ana’s fiance is my boyfriend’s brother, so naturally, we were bound to meet. We began talking about me starting college when, coincidentally, she revealed she and her fiance had both attended Montclair State University just like I am. I had been terrified about finding careers after college, but Ana’s success story has not only eased my anxiety but inspired me as well.

Graduation Year: 2017

Degree: Bachelor of Arts in English

Involvement at Montclair State University: Founder, PR Manager and Event Coordinator for Love Your Melon, a children’s cancer awareness organization.

Current Career: Project Manager at Evoke, a modern marketing, media and communications agency for today’s complex health and wellness environment.

Q: What are some of your favorite memories at Montclair?

A: It feels wild that it’s been almost 4 years since graduating, but I still stay in contact with people I met the first day at Montclair. It’s true when they say that the friendships and connections you make in college will last for a lifetime. 

Q: How were you involved at MSU?

A: I was involved in founding Love Your Melon at Montclair, but I also took part in a poetry club! I had a lot of friends on campus in Greek life so I also would attend a lot of Greek life events around campus and intramural sporting events!

Q: Which class and professor were your favorites at Montclair?

A: My favorite class at Montclair was Young Adult Literature with Laura Nicosia. I took multiple of her classes because the way that she teaches inspired me. She was always so passionate about our reading and assignments, and what we learned in the class was valuable not just in the classroom but in a real-life setting. 

Q: What was life like right after graduating college?

A: Life was unpredictable after graduating college. I wasn’t sure [of] the career path I wanted to follow. When I first graduated, I had started working as a teaching assistant and, as much as I love working with children, I knew I wanted to do something more. I then connected with a friend I had made at Montclair, and she had a position opening up at her job. That’s how I came into marketing and have loved working my way up to become a project manager and getting to run my own team! 

Q: Do you have any advice for future graduates trying to get into the field of communications and media?

A: Yes, make sure to network! I got my job through a friend that I met in my major, and that is the best way to get into the industry. It’s all about communicating with the people you know and keeping connections through your professional career. 

Q: What brings you the most happiness in life?

A: Traveling and my French bulldog, Mowgli! I also love to attend concerts. Concerts bring a whole different level of energy and serotonin.

Q: Do you believe in astrology? If so, what’s your zodiac sign and some of your traits that best describe you?

A: I do! My zodiac sign is a Taurus; we are known to be shopaholics but also ambitious and reliable, which I can say are some of my strongest traits, and I often portray them in the workplace.

Q: You’re currently engaged to a fellow Montclair State alumni, what’s some dating advice you have for current college students?

A: Become friends before you start dating! If you become best friends with the person before romance is even involved, you know that you can have a strong and lasting friendship with that person. I met my fiancé freshman year of college. We were great friends but it wasn’t [until] our junior year when we started dating and planning out what life after college would look like together. 

Q: What are 5 things on your bucket list before you turn 50?

A: Go to every Disney World park in the world, meet all three Jonas Brothers (I’ve only met Kevin and Nick), create my own event design business, go backpacking in Europe and adopt two more Frenchies!

Q: If you ever have any daughters someday, what is one life lesson you would teach them?

A: I would teach them to believe in the magic of life. Growing up my mom made my life feel like a fairytale; tea parties, dress up, singing and dancing around the living room. I want my daughters one day to feel that same magic she gave to me and my sisters. I know that having a mom who taught me to always look for the good in life and create positivity is something that made a big impact on me, and I want to keep that spirit.

Ana has lived a very exciting and successful life while only being 26-years-old. She’s truly an inspiration to work hard and live life to the fullest.

Avery Nixon

Montclair '25

A television and film major, with a minor in creative writing, and aspiring screenwriting who is taking her first step as a writer for multiple organizations at Montclair State University.
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