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5 Things to Do During the Weekend If You’re Broke

It’s easy to let your weekend turn into a bust when you’re trying to save money. Yet, your weekend is the time when you’re supposed to enjoy yourself! Here are some ideas on how to make the most of your weekend while still being mindful of your wallet.

1. Take a Mini Road Trip

Many of us do not have the money to go on an extravagant vacation or nice weekend getaway, but planning a mini road trip and visiting some awesome landmarks is always a good time. Get together with some close friends, come up with an awesome playlist and let the wind flow through your hair as you enjoy your trip!

2. Go out to Dinner and Split It

Most of us refrain from eating out when we’re on a budget but you don’t want to miss out on grabbing some friends and having a bite to eat. Try splitting an entree or appetizer with a friend. Most of the time there’s leftovers even when you think you’re starving. Plus it’s way more generous on your wallet when a $15 meal comes out to be $7.50. You get the gist! 

3. Find a Creative Project to Do

Whether it’s crocheting or scrapbooking, picking up a creative project is always a fun way to pass time. It’ll keep you busy and will give you a reason to stay in the house and not spend a lot of money!

4. Binge Watch

This is actually my favorite way to spend a night in. During the week, it is easy to fall behind on your favorite shows. Why not spend the weekend catching up on a few episodes or start a new show?

5. Catch up on Much Needed Sleep

I know for a fact that there are a few college students out there who only look forward to the weekend because this is the only time they can actually get a decent amount of sleep. The semester takes a toll on college students and all we really need is time to catch up on our sleep. If you are in need of sleep – just lay in your bed, sleep and relax!


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