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As NYFW (sadly) came to an end this past month, the upside is the new trends that have graced us for the arrival of the new season. On the runway, we saw a major flair in the hair department. Stylists like Marc Jobs, Vera Wang, Chanel, and many others, sent their models strutting with elegant but subtle hairstyles that embraced natural texture. Plus, these hairstyles are totally achievable, giving you the opportunity to spice up your look this spring. 

1. Boho Beach Waves. A very popular hairstyle this season that shows off the natural texture of wavy and loosely curled hair. It’s all about embracing those carefree, barely-there waves. This down-to-earth style is not too done-up and not too un-done. Loose hair is the perfect way of making a naturally graceful statement in the new season. Try either slightly tousled or relaxed waves and you’ll be sporting the top trend of this season. 

A key tip to add texture and natural wave to your hair is spritzing a sea salt spray or lightly scrunching a texturizing pomade into your locks. To achieve this look, watch this YouTube tutorial – Beachy Effortless Waves by Nicole Guerriero.

2. Messy Ponytails and Sleek Ponytails. The most universal and useful trend of the spring hairstyles goes to this cute and pretty hairdo that has been recreated for this season time and time again: the ponytail. Yet, the revitalized ponytail of Spring 2015 has scored favor over its past contenders. High or low, the top two ponytail trends taking over are a super sleek and glossy ponytail or the slightly textured and messy ponytail. This look is a great one to try this spring for looking sweet and chic on a daily basis.

Check out this tutorial, Bohemian Braid Ponytail Hair Tutorial by Desi Perkins, to achieve that careless yet cute ponytail you see in the middle photo above. Adding a sweet braid into your ponytail incorporates another trend dominating this new season.

3. Grunge Braids and Soft, Loose Side Braids. Grungy braids are in this spring, bold and rebellious Dutch-braids stood out on the runway embracing a clean yet daring style. Yet, It’s not only the bold braids that have been making a statement. Stylists have adored this season’s overall boho vibe, making casual undone braids another style for this spring. 

To achieve those messy plaits complete with that textured loose hair, take a look at this tutorial, Messy Side Braid Hairstyle by MrJovitageorge. Or if you feel like trying those trendy tight braids, watch this tutorial, How to Do a Dutch Braid by SignatureSeries.

4. Buns and Top Knots. Along with the chic updo of the ponytail, spring trends have brought us some slightly more casual and carefree looks. Try out a relaxed or bold top knot or a casual low messy bun with a cute accent braid.

Check out this how-to, Easy Messy Bun Tutorial by LeSassafras.

5. Cute Bangs. These swift bangs a sweet vibe to your facial frame. This spring trend ranges from those perfect classic wispy bangs to a more blunt fringe. This style also looks gorgeous paired up with trend number one, those loose textured waves.

To achieve this look, make an appointment with a professional to get your exact desired bangs.

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