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Finding a parking spot on the Montclair State campus can easily become one of the most infuriating and stressful parts of your day. The very thought can even haunt you as you make your way up to school. Even when you’re at you most hopeful, it seems like you can’t catch a break. To try to make the experience a bit easier, here are some tips for parking at MSU.

Know When It’s Busy

No matter where you park on campus, the time to do it would ideally be before 9 AM. Typically this is when the spots (particularly in CarParc Diem) quickly fill up. All but one of the commuter parking lots open at 6 AM, but you would be surprised how fast it fills up. While you still may be lucky enough to find a spot, the earlier you arrive the better.

Don’t Always Listen to the Signs

Towards the middle of the day, at each entrance/exit of CarParc, there are signs advising students that it is currently full – but do not be fooled. There been days where I leave campus in the early afternoon and am surprised by how many parking spots are empty as I’m driving down CarParc only to see the sign telling me otherwise at the bottom. So if you see the sign, give it a chance! You may end up saving yourself a lot of time.

Know Where to Park

A lot of people head straight to CarParc and Lot 24 since it’s the closest commuter lot if you’re coming from either end of Valley Road. That will more than likely cause you to hit a lot of traffic. So, consider your other options: Lots 21 and 22 (across the street from the Yogi Berra Museum), Lot 28 (next to the Children’s Center), and of course Lot 60 are only some of the available places for commuter parking.

Consider Carpooling

In my time at Montclair State, I’ve only ever heard of a few people using this method. It’s not really something I personally would consider since it would require careful planning and some potential adjustments to my schedule. However, if you can make it work, I highly advise it even if it’s just with one other person. Remember that for every person you taking with you, it’s one less person’s car that will end up taking a parking spot.

For all other questions or concerns about on-campus parking, be sure to visit the MSU parking services page here.


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