3 Tips to Secure a Summer Internship

Summer internship season is approaching. If you go home for the summer and don’t live by a city or a place with your ideal industry, then you can still consider a remote internship. Just because you are at home doesn’t mean you have to wait until the fall semester to gain experience. Here are three tips on how to secure an in-office or remote internship.

Utilize Social Media

You should follow your favorite brands, influencers and cultural icons on social media. If you are going to spend hours scrolling away your boredom, then you might as well have some potential job opportunities on your timeline. Companies post jobs on their feeds (sometimes more often than LinkedIn). Some suggested accounts to follow: April Reign, founder of the Oscars So White movement and Blue Chalk Media, a digital media company based in Brooklyn and Portland. On Twitter, both of these accounts retweet opportunities within their companies and from companies who reach out to them.

Email Companies Anyway

Just because you don’t see any internship postings on a company’s website doesn't mean the internships don’t exist. Let them know you are interested by simply sending an email asking if they offer internships. I did this last summer with Women's Voices Now (they offer film, editorial, and social media/PR internships now with a stipend) and obtained a remote, film/social media internship with them. 

To find companies to email, you have to start somewhere. For example, if you are interested in the film industry, pay attention to the opening credits and see what production/distribution companies helped get the film to your screen. Find out if they have an office in NYC and send them your inquiry.

Have 'Indeed' Alerts Sent to Your Inbox

Constantly searching for internships will drive you off a cliff of insanity. Sign up for Indeed alerts for certain keywords, job titles and companies you are interested in and you will get daily emails with relevant positions. LinkedIn also provides a similar service.

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