The Types of People During Fall Midterms as GIFs

With the beginning of autumn, we as college students need to stop basking in the weather and crack down on those books for the impending week of midterms. Here's a list of the types of students we all seem to know in our classes.

  1. 1. The minimalist.

    Why suffer hand cramps? 

  2. 2. The one who actually studied.

    They got this.

  3. 3. The one who forgot it was midterms

    Huh, what now?

  4. 4.  The commuter who overslept

    Please let there be no cops. 

  5. 5. The one who tried to study with friends

    Yeah! This will work!

  6. 6. The last-minute studier

    If I cram it all in, I'll remember it better.

  7. 7. The one who thought they didn’t need to study because they understood in class

    I got this (no they don't). 

  8. 8. The procrastinator 

    There's always tomorrow.

  9. 9. The one who studied the wrong stuff

    Wait, this was on chapter two?

  10. 10. The professor who gave a purposefully hard exam

    What do they really know?