5 Great Activities to Do During Autumn

Fall is my favorite season. You can call me a basic, but fall is truly my favorite time. Besides, I don't even like Pumpkin Spiced Lattes. But, I love the weather and how the air feels and smells... and of course the colors of the leaves! Even though we have barely entered into the season of fall, I have compiled some great activities to do that don’t include pumpkin or apple picking (even though those are always a fan favorite).


  1. Baking: I have recently become more open to the idea of baking. I used to hate it because of the time and patience and measuring. But, I just baked pumpkin muffins and have now found so many fall-inspired baking recipes on Pinterest that I cannot wait to try.
  2. Hiking: I’m a big fan of hiking at any time of the year and doing it during the fall is the best time to go. You can see all the leaves changing, and it isn't humid and sticky. If you’re feeling really adventurous, climb to the top of Bear Mountain in New York and you can see all the trees decked out with fall foliage.
  3. Firepit: I always thought firepits were only a summertime thing, but something about having a firepit in fall is just as great as the summer, if not better. With a warm blanket, some good friends, and of course s’mores, (or even making fresh popcorn over the fire), it puts college parties to shame.
  4. Ghost Tours: With Halloween situated right in the middle of fall, a lot of farms have themed festivals. Some even have spooky ghost tours through their corn mazes or apple orchards, as well as haunted hayrides, or even walking ghost tours. Ghost Tours in the fall is definitely a fall must that gets you into a spooky mood. 
  5. Make Leaf Art: With many leaves on the ground, why would you not want to make a craft that is beautiful and almost free? You can press them into frames to make autumn wall décor, you can dry them and glue them into a collage or even make an authentic fall wreath. If real leaves are too finicky, you can always grab the cheap imitation ones at Michaels to make crafts that will last a lifetime.