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You’re Worth It

Honey, you’re worth it, so don’t let anyone tell you different. Every part of you- inside and out- is special and beautiful. Our society is so focused on girls being perfect and having that Barbie “10/10” look. But let’s be real, no one is perfect and I like that I’m not.


When you look on Instagram or Facebook, you see people posting about being skinny and having to wear tons of makeup to be that girl everyone likes. Now, there’s nothing wrong with being skinny or wearing lots of makeup; be you and be proud of it! But the rest of us who aren’t often labeled “10/10” end up trying to fit into society’s ideas of what we should look like. You have to remember that it’s okay not to be the girl that looks so gorgeous that all the guys are wanting to be with and all the girls are wanting to be. You are so unique and every girl needs to see that in themselves.

Self-love is one of the biggest gifts you can give yourself. Love who you are and flaunt it. Go out there and be unique and do not worry about what others think you should be or look like. Everyone is made to be one of a kind, so never strive to be like someone else. Never put yourself down and always remember that you are worth it.  

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