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Why Working Out in the Morning is Good for You

Your body, soul and mind benefits from working out in the morning, there is no doubt about it. Yet we still give excuses as to why we can’t or don’t have the time. The following facts may make you change your mind about the extra half hour of sleep.

Working out in the morning actually gives you more energy.

Reverse logic, right? Waking up earlier in the morning to work out will give you more energy than sleeping the extra hour. Now be logical about this, if you only get four hours of sleep a night, this may not be true for you. However, if you’re getting the suggested 8 hours of sleep a night, getting up early in the morning will make you feel alive. It will also make you a happier person throughout the day. Working out releases endorphins, the happy hormone. These workouts do not have to be a two hour gym session, they can be as simple as a thirty minute heart rate raising workout.

You will want to eat healthier throughout the day.

You got up early (even if your early is 10 am) to workout. You worked hard, and sweat a lot, why would you ruin your workout with bad food throughout the day. You may not consciously make these decisions, but subconsciously you will.

The rest of your day will be much less stressful.

You already worked out today, so when you get home you have absolutely nothing to worry about other than school and dinner. It takes one more thing off of your check list for the day, one less thing to stress about. A good workout will decrease your stress level, and make you more productive. Again, these are things that you don’t consciously think about, but they will happen.

Jumpstart your metabolism.

That morning workout will jumpstart your metabolism. Getting your muscles moving will cause them to burn more calories throughout the day. The more muscles you work, the more calories you burn. Working out in the morning not only jump starts your metabolism, but also helps you burn more calories all day long.


Now that you know the why, I have a few tips for you to be successful in the morning:


Set two alarms, and put them away from the bed:

Setting two alarms 15 minutes apart. This will allow you a grace period. The first alarm lets you know when to mentally prepare, the second alarm is to ensure you get out of bed. Having two alarms prepares you for the workout ahead, if you can use these 15 minutes to relax, reflect, and set goals. During these 15 minutes I read a scripture from Joel Osteen, think about the workout I have ahead of me, and set a few goals that I know will be challenging to reach. Setting my alarm at least 5 feet away from the bed forces me to put effort into turning the annoying sound off. Once you’re out of the covers, don’t get back in them. If you use the 15 minutes to reflect, do so on top of the covers so you can’t get warm and cozy again.

Dress for success:

Sometimes workout clothes can start to look like rags. You aren’t going to work hard and be successful if you don’t have workout clothes that you are proud of. Find something bright, and comfortable. Red, orange and yellow are known to improve happiness and mood. Wearing these colors will be a mood booster right when you get up. I know workout clothes are expensive, but there are loop-holes. My favorite places to get workout clothes are TJMaxx and Marshalls.

Get Excited:

Plan for a good breakfast in the morning, a brunch with friends, or a way to treat yourself when your workout is done. Just be sure that treating yourself doesn’t include donuts. You don’t want to reverse what you just did. However, having a delicious breakfast to look forward to will make your workout go faster, and help you work harder.

Working out in the morning can start off being hard, but making it a habit and knowing how you good you’ll feel the rest of the day will help you get through it. Once you work out in the morning long enough you won’t want to start your day any other way.


Elizabeth is a Minnesota State University, Mankato Senior, and the Vice President of Her Campus MNSU. She is a strong supporter of equality for women in the work place, and in life. She wants to be one of many to help shatter the glass ceiling, and close the confidence gap. Elizabeth was born and raised in the heart of Minnesota, and can be found spending most of her time outside doing any of the miraculous adventures that the state of Minnesota offers.
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