Why I Recently Joined Her Campus




Many of you have probably heard about Her Campus, either on social media, fundraising events or recruiting around campuses. So what is Her Campus? Her Campus is the #1 social media for an online magazine bringing attention to female college students. They are located at 300 chapters in many states, other countries and even online (Instagram, Facebook) impacting everyone around them.

Why did I recently Join Her campus MNSU?

Being apart of Her Campus I have been given the opportunity to explore, express and use creative thinking and writing which I feel is very important for my career ahead of me and will be able to set me apart from others in the “real world”. As I write a topic that not only relates to myself it connects others around me who can also relate to the topic; which is an unbelievable moment. Her Campus has both motivated and inspired me to become the best version of myself and experience more opportunities.

But Her Campus is not only about writing. There are other opportunities within the club that were brought to my attention, such as fundraising events, social media, marketing tips and community involvement.

This year our chapter has been given an opportunity to travel to New York City and Los Angeles for Her Conference. What is this about? You are experiencing amazing connections with leaders in person, giving you broad notes about marketing, social impact, leadership and so much more!

To conclude, joining Her Campus has made me come out of my comfort zone more and more each day. It’s meeting amazing people that you can go to about anything and not feel overwhelmed. It is not about joining a club or an organization, it is doing what you love to help with your future.