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Summer Hair Care for Pool Lovers

Anyone who goes to the swimming pool, even just for a few times, can see the adverse effects that the chemicals in the pool water leave on our body, especially our hair. The hair becomes extremely dry and hard, loses all the shine and smoothness, and split ends appear. With colored hair, the color may fade a lot or completely.


So here are some tips I, a person who swims often, want to share with you guys, to minimize the damage that swimming pool water can cause.

  • Before the swimming.

Braid your hair, soak it in water till completely wet. This way, your hair would absorb the fresh water first, and less of the pool water.

Then, apply some hair oil to your hair: pour an appropriate amount of oil to your hand, rub it, then tap and massage it thoroughly on your hair, from top to the end (you can use a conditioner instead as well).

All steps are done while your hair is still braided. This minimizes the touch of hair to unnecessary elements.

Now you can relaxingly enjoy your swim.


  • After the swimming.

Using a rich moisture shampoo and completely wash all the pool water out of your hair. This is important. I know some people don’t feel like using conditioner usually, but when it comes to swimming, this is a must. However, only rub the conditioner through the half end of your hair, conditioner can reduce the swinging of your hair if you apply it on the hair root, even after swimming.

After washing, squeeze your hair by hand. Then, using a cotton towel, press it thoroughly on your hair to absorb as much as water as possible. Then, use hair oil to help recover and moisture your hair. Pour the oil into your palm, rub it, then massage it on your hair, ONLY the end half this time. Then let your hair dry naturally. I recommend not using a dryer.


I usually don’t use the swimming hat, because I feel like it will destroy my hair shape, weaken the top of my hair, and cause pain for my scalp. Because of this, my hair deals with the pool water more, but I feel that with the right care of my hair, it’s better off.


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