Should Attendance be Mandatory?


Attendance at college is pretty lax for classes. Not many people actually go to classes if they can handle it and they only really go for tests. It gets distracting and in the long run students aren’t motivated to go to their classes when there are no consequences. So the question that stands is, should attendance be mandatory in college?

College is the first time that we are free to live our life, and we are out in the world on our own. So many are arguing that making classes mandatory takes away from us being adults and being able to make our own decisions. Even when it comes to your college classes you should be responsible for your attendance and whether or not you show up. Many professors are making attendance mandatory, where it counts towards the final grade or if you miss too many of the classes you can fail out or be penalized for it. This takes away from the choice of whether or not go to the class that you are paying for.

Now on the other hand of the argument you are wasting thousands of dollars when you skip class. In an article by USA Today, a study done in 2015 states that the average number of classes that college students skip is about 240 in the span of a four-year college. That adds up to about $7,200 for a public university or $24,960 for a private university. That is wasting the money that you put it into your education.

I am on the fence about whether or not attendance should t be mandatory. I think that it is your decision, but on the other hand it is a lot of money to throw out just to miss some classes. I also think that it depends on the teacher; you do not want to go to a class where the professor doesn’t teach you anything. This is where you just end up going home and teaching yourself, so is it worth coming to class? So, it is up to you to decide whether or not attendance should be mandatory.