Setting Yourself Up for a Successful Semester

  1. Actually use that new planner

That super cute planner you either got at the beginning of Fall or the start of the new year needs to be put to good use. This helps you remember what you need to do before 11:59pm on Sunday. Stick to writing down assignments and important notes throughout the WHOLE semester, not just the first two weeks.


  1. Make yourself known

Introducing yourself to your professors can make a huge difference in the long run--specifically when it comes to the end of the semester and you need to make that awkward email talking about your grades. If your professor knows the face to the name, it creates that more personally connections between you and your prof. It also shows a step of initiative on your part that many others do not do. This sets you out from the rest of the class in the best way.


  1. Speaking of your professors, use those office hours!

Another way to make a more personal approach to with your professor is to use their office hours! It is never too early to step into their office, even on the first week! If you are anything like me, going to office hours is crazy intimidating and I have a hard time even making it through that door, but going to meet your professor outside of class helps you become more comfortable speaking in class, emailing them a question, or seeing them in office hours down the road when you need to speak about a grade.


  1. Get involved

If you didn’t have the opportunity to join any clubs or organizations Fall semester, Spring is just as a perfect time to do it! There are clubs and organizations for every hobby and every major, so no matter what you are into, there is something for everyone! These groups help you with expressing what you love doing and growing in your knowledge of your passion. Love writing? Consider signing up to join an amazing group of women that empower women with Her Campus MNSU!


  1. Finally, take time for yourself

Getting over your winter break schedule can be hard and going full swing back into ‘school made’ can be even harder. While getting back to a healthy routine and starting off classes strong, it’s just as important to keep your self-care in mind as well. Keep up with the relaxing baths, reading for pleasure, having alone time and whatever you like to personally do to take care of yourself.


Start of the semester with success and take care of yourself, darlings. Remember, it’s the start of a new decade and any time is the right time to be a better you. Stay safe and have fun this semester everyone.