Seasonal Rituals to Better Your Soul

As the season progresses towards the end of the year, the weather gets colder and our souls look to find something to keep us sane through these stressful and trial times. For you, I have created a simple list of small rituals that can make a significant impact on your mind, body, and soul. These are a sort of base, a stepping stone in creating your own sacred space to rejuvenate and be comfortable with yourself. There's rituals are subject to what you have in your possession already, and there are many that can be substituted for other items as well. 


Cinnamon Self-Love

    Cinnamon is one of my personal favorites for rituals, spells, teas, and more. Cinnamon has commonly known properties such as healing, love, lust, success, and protection. For this ritual you will need:

  • Cinnamon sticks

  • Water

  • Cooking pot

  • Marker

  • Jar

    Start off with with drawing a symbol on the bottom of the jar, a symbol that represents love to you. This can be as simple as a heart, an affirmation, or another object that represents self-love to you. Next, fill the jar with water place the jar near a window where it can either soak up energy from the sun or moon for at least two hours to gain the energy from nature. Once the water is charged, pour it into the pot with medium to high heat. Hold the cinnamon sticks in one hand and think about a moment in your life you had true, pure joy in your life. As the water begins to boil, imagine the warmth of that joy coursing through your body and into the cinnamon sticks in your hand. Then, drop the sticks in the water and turn off the heat. Let the cinnamon steep for then minutes before pouring into a mug. Wear some comforting clothes, fuzzy socks, or even some lingerie as you enjoy your mug of self-love.


Self-Love Reflection

At the end of the day, we are tired, stressed, distraught. We need to relax and remind ourselves about the good in our lives. More importantly, remind ourselves of the love that we deserve. This ritual is a nightly gazing step that you can take as you drift off into a blissful sleep.

For this ritual you will need:

  • A small mirror

  • A crystal that you feel drawn to. This could be amethyst, rose/clear quartz, calcite, citrine, carnelian, jasper or another self-love, protecting crystal.

  • A piece of paper

  • Decorating supplies (optional)

Put on some good music, light a candle, and pour yourself a glass of something yummy to set the mood for your self-love alter. Start by placing your mirror on a flat surface and arranging your crystal(s) in any particular order you please. Arrange them in any order that calls to you, you intuition is powerful and listening to your soul can do great things. Next, create a piece of artwork that represents self-love or love in general to you. Decorate it however your heart desires, there is no wrong way to do this so have fun and use whatever supplies you have. Place the mirror with the stones and the artwork by your bedside. As you lay down for the night, reflect upon the mirror and let your heart, mind, and soul become at peace with each other, letting the love flow through your body and resulting in a blissful night’s sleep.


Bottle of Love

    Sometimes the best way to exert self-love is to get it all out there. Every thought, feelings, emotion, desire, etc. needs to be released from your body. The perfect way to do this is through a simple love bottle ritual. For this ritual, the items listed are not necessarily items you absolutely need, but are an example of what I have personally used in the past for self-love bottles. I encourage you to find your own elements to capture in your bottle that reflect self-love for you. That being said, you for sure need a small bottle with a top/cork/stopper. For this ritual, I have used:

  • A small bottle with a top/cork/stopper

  • Sugar

  • Sea salt or pink Himilayan salt

  • Cinnamon (highly suggest)

  • Rose Quartz chips 

  • Honey

  • Pink candle


Once again, set the mood for your self-love. Play your favorite music that makes you feel good about yourself, light a candle or incense to feel the good vibes around you. Add your ingredients in any order into the bottle. If one ingredient has a bigger significant impact on your self-love, add more than others. An example, I added more honey and cinnamon because that reflects personally for me in my self-love. As you add each ingredient, say one thing that you love about yourself. Tightly close the bottle (I sealed mine with pink wax from the candle) and hold the bottle close to your chest. Feel love the rediatating off of the bottle and into your soul. When finished, place the bottle in an area where you will often see it, reminding you daily of your love.


Take care of yourself this season, darlings.