Post Graduation Celebration

It’s that time of year again. We seniors have gotten through some of the roughest 4, 5, maybe even 6, years of surviving college. However long it took you, I think everyone can agree that these were some of the best and worst years. But if you are like me and got to graduate this spring, you couldn’t be more excited and scared to enter the real world. No matter what you are doing, you at least have a paper to back-up the fact that you have a degree and are a college graduate.

No matter how you spent your college years, you did it! Whether that was studying freshman year in your dorm every night or going to a party every night. You both ended up walking across the stage to receive a very expensive piece of paper. Speaking of expenses, you also probably spent way too much money on fast food when you were too tired or poor to make a decent meal. Remember all the coffee and alcohol, and all the retail therapy that went into being a college student with a great deal of stress. Late nights and even later assignments are what left you drained, but when you saw that the teacher gave you a decent grade, that's what kept you going.

You should be proud, happy, excited, and ready to move forward in your life with a degree because you did it! Congrats Grad! Let’s celebrate!


Here are our Her Campus MNSU Seniors!


Not pictured: Chelsey Ehleringer