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Noodles & Greens


Located right in the Centennial Student Union on campus, Noodles & Greens is the perfect place to customize your own noodle dish, a salad, or a wrap. You can choose between two different types of pastas or lettuce. Then, add 5 vegetables or cheeses, and one source of protein to get that healthy meal your parents keep telling you to eat at college. Pick your sauce or dressing, and they’ll make your meal right in front of you! There’s a reason the line gets so long during the lunch rush. An even better way to make the most of this, is wash and re-use the Tupperware they give you for other meals when you’re on the go!

I'm a junior at MNSU studying International Business and a minor in Marketing and Computer Science! I'm from St. Francis, MN which is north of the Twin Cities by about an hour. In my free time I like spending the money I don't have on concert tickets and food. A fun fact is I studied abroad in London and I joined Her Campus because I was super excited about it coming to MNSU and definately wanted to get involved!
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