My Roommate Wants a Handgun in our Apartment for Protection. Here’s Why I Think it Makes our Apartment Even More Dangerous.


This past week my roommate brought up the idea of keeping a handgun in our apartment in case someone breaks in. I was appalled (due to the fact that I am strongly against guns for any reason other than hunting rifles, and even then i'm iffy). I have had two family members commit suicide by gun. One had PTSD from the Vietnam war, and the other was bullied for being gay and couldn't take it anymore. There have been so many accidents with guns and we don’t need one for many reasons.

  1. Residents need their key fob to get into our building.

    1. It would be very hard to break into our building, as we have a seperate key fob to open the door into each apartment building.

  2. There have been no recent break-ins at any of the apartment buildings in our apartment complex.

  3. Even if there is a break in, they don’t deserve to die for stealing something.

  4. We are on the third floor, so if they wanted to steal something big, someone would hear them.

I understand that there are pros of having a gun for protection as well, don't get me wrong, but the only one that comes to my mind is that you will be safe if you are attacked. However, this is only a good idea if you know how to use a gun. That’s the only one I can think of.

In my opinion, the cons of owning a gun outweigh the pros.

  1. If it gets into the wrong hands, catastrophic things could occur

    1. Someone could get shot

    2. Someone could be badly injured

    3. Someone could be slightly injured

    4. You could kill yourself

    5. You could kill someone else

    6. You could shoot your TV

    7. You could shoot something irreplaceable

And so on. Anything can happen. The only pro to owning a gun is protection. And the city we live in is not known for break-ins. I have a bad history with guns, and I believe my roommate should be more considerate of my feelings. Yes, she will get a permit, yes she will get a safe, yes she knows how to use a gun. Despite all these things, I’m still uncomfortable with the idea of a gun in our apartment, and after reading this, I have to believe you will be too.