Must Try Teas

    As a huge advocate for health, self care, and warm things (because your Minnesota girl gets real cold) - I am a major tea lover. Don’t get me wrong- coffee will always have a special place in my heart and my morning, but I have grown to take to the steamy, comforting drink. Even more and more so as I’ve aged, I think that it really is an acquired taste. You may not see the appeal yet, but I can guarantee you that there is a tea out there that will convert you. Alongside the obvious warming properties, there are numerous health benefits to tea that vary with each variety. I am not especially picky about the brand of my tea, but I know that the higher quality and organic brands retain and transfer the most nutrients and benefits onto you- so if you’re struggling with that choice, I’d say just go for a reputable brand.

    I have only dabbled in loose leaf tea before, which involves portioning out your herbs each sitting and steeping them in a small metal ball or other device. It’s a little more advanced and time consuming for my taste- but some people really enjoy it and think the flavor is superior! I stick to my bagged tea most days, it just comes down to personal preference! There are four types of mainstream tea; white, black, green, and oolong. The cured leaves of the literal tea plant used at different levels of fermentation and oxidation creates the various caffeine levels as well as flavor profiles, aromas, and benefits in each.

    I initially started off with green tea, I was convinced it would help me burn fat, as many websites and questionable ‘health’ sources claim. It really just contains anywhere from 30-50 mg of caffeine which can create mild metabolism stimulating effects, but otherwise that idea is slightly far fetched. However, it does contain antioxidants which your body utilizes for many things. Not to mention it aids in reduced risk of heart issues, diabetes, improved skin and hair, reduction of free radical cell growth, and more. I personally had a long kick as a fan of Lipton’s Lemon Ginseng green tea, and their honey option is great, too!

    As I searched out more non-caffeinated teas for my afternoon or bedtime drink, I came across an absolute gem. Target’s fair trade and organic tea line, Simply Balanced carries a “Snooze and Snuggle” variety. It’s lavender and chamomile blend with cinnamon notes that is amazing for a gentle transition into a deep, restful nights sleep. Similar to traditional sleepy time tea, but this is by far the most effective and delicious one I’ve ever had!

    After being an avid tea connoisseur for several years, in steps Trader Joe’s, and the game was changed. Their selection of unique and jaw droppingly flavorful is massive, and it’s like a little slice of heaven. I have consumed an embarrassing amount of boxes of my personal favorite- Ginger and Turmeric. The ginger aids in digestion and is anti-inflammatory and can even reduce nausea. Turmeric is also an anti-inflammatory aid and can also strengthen your immune system and soothe pain. This combination also has been proven to lower level of anxiety and increase cognition- a major win!

    This is by no means an inclusive list of brands or try worthy blends- many coffee places carry reputable brands thats will satisfy your desire for a treat in soothing drink form. Another perk, is it’s usually way cheaper than coffee, too! Whether you’re from a warm weather state and looking to up your internal health game, or a northern gal just trying to keep from freezing your buns off- tea is a great choice and I encourage you to try something new and get steeping!