Must-Reads for the Non-Reader: "The Death of a Honeybee" by Ella Jayne

*** This review is a part of a new series called “Must-Reads for the Non-Reader.” This compilation of articles is for people who have difficulty reading. This could be for a variety of reasons: reading disabilities, short attention spans, little to no free time to read for pleasure, etc.***


It’s so hard to find free time during college. We are overwhelmed with our classwork, our jobs, our social life, etc. If you didn’t read for fun in your K-12 education, you most likely won’t read for pleasure in college. I’m writing this article to let you know that you can still read for enjoyment with a limited amount of free time in college. What better way to start off my series than a book of poetry written by a good high school friend of mine?


“The Death of a Honeybee” is a book of poetry written by Ella Jayne, an up and coming author from Apple Valley, MN. The book also has illustrations done by Megan Boelter, an Illustration major at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design (MCAD) in Minneapolis, MN. 


I met Ella and Megan through our high school German class. I lost touch with Ella when she graduated two years before I did. Megan and I were in the same graduating class, so we remained friends until we went to college and went our separate ways. It was only recently that I reconnected with Ella over the announcement of her first book. 


When I asked Ella why she decided to publish her writings, her answer was not what you would expect. “To be honest, I never really planned on publishing any of my poetry. I’ve always been primarily a fiction writer, but my girlfriend at the time really encouraged me to share my poetry, so this book is my way of dipping my toes into the water of publishing.” 


Below I have written up a brief review of her book, although, I could say so much more. 


Ella Jayne, a newly self-published author, gives us “The Death of a Honeybee”, a short book of poetry that takes you through an emotional journey of love and acceptance. The classic tale of the highs and lows of relationships is written with an authentic twist that envelops the reader in a world of emotions. Regardless of one’s personal love life, Ella can connect with her audience on an incredibly deep level. She has executed a riveting and engaging story with words that are raw and untouched. Ella allows us to discover the alternative ending to happily-ever-after, with a sense of hope in finding it once again.


Not being a fan of reading, I planned to buy her book to support her path to becoming a well-known author. I was struck with surprise when I started crying after finishing her book. (as a side note, I am not a very emotional person, so this is significant). Previously, I had a relationship that came to a halt much sooner than I expected it to end. I felt emotions I didn’t even know existed. While it was a little hard to go through that experience again, I’m so glad I did. I got to reflect on my experience and compare it with Ella’s. I discovered that the story of infatuation is not uncommon. I didn’t feel alone. 

Now, I’m not saying that you are going to have a revelation after reading Ella’s book, but I will say that it has the potential to bring out some of your deepest thoughts and feelings.

In terms of the future, Ella has a couple of reading/signing events set up toward the end of the year, and she hopes to add to her collection of poetry in the near future. Currently, her main focus at this point in time is completing a draft for a novel she has been writing for several months. 


You can find Ella’s current book and future publications in multiple locations.

Ella Jayne’s Website: