Must-Have Essential Oils


My mom had sinus cancer in 2017 and because of this she lost her sense of smell. Months later she started to gain her sense back with the help of essential oils. We were looking into some options, but were shocked by the cost. For example, a five milliliter bottle of lavender oil was around $20. We obviously don't have this kind of money because of radiation treatment and chemotherapy, but luckily we found a more affordable version. It's a brand called Lagunamoon and we got 10 different ten milliliter oils for less than $20 total. Below I have the scents this gift set comes with and what they can do for you. This gift set includes the scents of lemon, orange, rosemary, geranium, patchouli, clove, lavender, peppermint, eucalyptus and ylang ylang.


The Scent: Strong spice with a hint of floral.

Clove Benefits:

  • Numbs nerves for pain relief

  • Repels pests

  • Has anti-inflammatory properties

  • Works as an aphrodisiac

Clove Uses:

  • Inhale or diffuse for nausea relief

  • Add to bathwater to ease sore muscles


The Scent: Floral, clean and light, naturally relaxing compared to other florals.

Lavender Benefits:

  • Promotes relaxation

  • Eases muscle tension

  • Helps heal skin irritation

Helpful Uses for Lavender Oil:

  • Sprinkle on stuffed animals to calm children

  • Massage colicy babies with diluted oil

  • Inhale to relieve headaches, anxiety or sleeping problems

  • Apply to burns, sunburns or other skin troubles


The Scent: Refreshing, light and bright like fresh-squeezed lemonade

Lemon Benefits

  • Boosts immunity

  • Cleans surfaces and skin

  • Brightens and heals skin

Daily Usage of Lemon Oil:

  • Rub on skin to brighten and clean skin

  • Smell directly from bottle to boost immunity

Peppermint and Eucalyptus

The Scent: The peppermint is mint, so refreshing and strong. While Eucalyptus is light, with the similar smell of peppermint. These are almost interchangeable.

Peppermint and Eucalyptus Benefits:

  • Supports the digestive system - Studies have even explored its effects on Irritable Bowel Syndrom

  • Relieves headaches

  • Stimulates circulation

  • Encourages hair growth

When to Use Peppermint and Eucalyptus Oil:

  • Inhale when riding in the car to ease motion sickness

  • Massage diluted oil on the stomach area to improve digestion

  • Diffuse to help with colds or allergies

  • Treat a headache by rubbing diluted oil on temples

  • Sprinkle peppermint (not eucalyptus) oil on cotton balls - Set these around your house to repel ants.


The Scent: Fruity and light, like an actual orange.

Orange Benefits

  • ​Relaxes the mind without compromising alertness

  • Controls gas

  • Reduces acne breakouts

Orange Oil Uses:

  • Sprinkle on a tissue - Breathe in the scent to alleviate morning sickness

  • Diffuse or apply topically to help with stomach complaints

  • Spritz water and orange oil as an air freshener


The Scent: A bit spicy with undertones of natural plant.

Rosemary Benefits

  • Boosts mental performance

  • Contains antioxidants

  • Promotes hair growth

  • Reduces inflammation

Rosemary Uses:

  • Diffuse when you need to concentrate or recall information

  • Drop oils in your hand. Cup your hands over your mouth - Breathe in deeply to help headache

  • Apply to scalp after a shower

  • Rub diluted rosemary oil over the gallbladder area to encourage its healthy function


The Scent: Floral with a lighter pungency.

Geranium Benefits

  • Gives beautiful and radiant skin

  • Treats acne

  • Reduces inflammation

  • Alleviates anxiety

  • Balances hormones

Geranium daily uses:

  • Smell directly from bottle to reduce anxiety, uplift your mood, lessen fatigue and promote emotional wellness

  • Rub on skin to remove acne and leave behind refreshed skin


The Scent: Woodsy with a hint of spice. Not my favorite.

Patchouli Benefits

  • Can treat dermatitis, eczema, acne, dry chapped skin, dandruff and oily scalp

  • Heals wounds and reduces scarring

  • Has aphrodisiac effects

Ylang Ylang

The Scent: Clean, fresh floral. My favorite scent.

Ylang Ylang Benefits

  • Reduces stress

  • Relieves pain

  • Improves mood

  • Enhances libido

Ylang Ylang Common Uses:

  • Put on skin or clothes to repel insects

  • Rub into skin to reduce the appearance of scarring

Thanks for reading! Enjoy the benefits. Comment below if you try them yourself and share your experience!