Motivation After Spring Break



It is the week after spring break, and we only have two months of school left. Crazy! But the grind to getting back into gear with school is getting tough. Coming back from a nice, relaxing, no-stress vacation and seeing the weather here in Minnesota is starting to get warmer and everyone’s brain is not on school. The sun is shining and the snow is finally melting. If you live in Minnesota, you know this is exciting for us, due to being in “hibernation” mode where we have not seen the sun in about five months and being stuck inside the house sitting on the couch. Well hopefully, we can start packing up our winter jackets, boots, hats and start realizing summer is just right around the corner!

So are you interested in how to stay motivated and stay in the school mode?

Here are some tips!  

1.    Stay positive; keep your mind to positive self talk.



2.    Focus on the good things to come! If you have a dream, chase it. Focus on yourself don't worry about others.



3.    Finish Strong. Set achievable goals and at the end of your day you will feel accomplished.



4.    Make a bucket list to achieve. Do adventure’s activities you have been wanting to do.



5.    Be inspired. Step out of your comfort zone and network with others. Make a moodboard to help out with your inspiration.