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On October 10th, I was scrolling through my Twitter feed like any other day. I came across a popular hashtag that read “#MentalHealthAwarenessDay.” I had no idea that there was a day dedicated to creating awareness and reminding people about mental health. I was excited to see this, and wanted to share with my Twitter community.

I tweeted: “It’s okay not to be okay. Ask for help! You are loved.” As someone who has struggled with depression and anxiety for the past three years, I truly feel that I know the importance of reaching out to those who are struggling as well; we are all human and we are in this together! I believe our culture is becoming more aware of mental health and the fact that so many people deal with it, but we still have a long way to go. I have realized that your mental health does not define who you are, rather the strength and courage you have to fight through it. No one should fight alone, and it is definitely okay not to be okay.

The Girl With the Hot Pink Bow is an alias made for Her Campus MNSU writers that may want to stay anonymous on an article they write for various reasons.
Sammy is what you would call a Student Solider. She is in the Army and also a Senior at MNSU. Her major is Mass Media and her minor is Communication Studies. She is from Cottage Grove, MN and enjoys her weekends in the cities. She enjoys being the Her Campus MNSU Chapters Campus Correspondent and also Young Life. She wishes that fall season was year round, but living in Minnesota she will have deal with all the seasons it brings.