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An Interview with Noelle Lawton

I started at Twin Rivers Council for the Arts as a Marketing Intern back in January and I am continuing my work there now with the help of my supervisor, Noelle Lawton. Noelle Lawton is the Executive Director of TRCA. To learn more about TRCA, please read the article I wrote last week here. I decided to interview Noelle (pictured right) in order to get her opinion on public arts in Mankato and also for the community to get to know her a little better as well.

Her Campus: How long have you been the executive director of Twin Rivers?

Noelle Lawton: “2 years.”

HC: What is your favorite art-related activity to participate in/do? 

NL: “Performing, especially acting in musical theater.”

HC: What has been your favorite public art project in the cities of N. Mankato/Mankato and why?

NL: “The sculpture walk, because it is a true collaboration of the community. From the business sponsors to the volunteers that help with installation to the artists; everyone comes together to make the event happen and successful.”

HC: What is your favorite City Art Sculpture Walk sculpture?  

NL: “I honestly don’t know that I have a favorite… they’re all so different. But I prefer abstract sculpture; I find it imaginative and thought provoking.”

HC: In your opinion, how does public art enrich/bring value to the community?

NL: “Public art creates connections and gathering spaces for people. It can represent our community and also challenge our thinking. I also love that it’s free and accessible to everyone, so people that would never step foot in an art gallery are exposed to art in their everyday life.”

For those who would like to participate in a meeting about the future of arts and culture in Mankato, please come to one of the community engagement sessions hosted by the city of Mankato and TRCA on February 25th at 10AM in Conference Room 245 at the Verizon Wireless Center!

Thank you for the interview, Noelle!



Annie Huynh is a junior Marketing student at Minnesota State University-Mankato. She was born and raised in North Mankato, MN. Her favorite seasons are summer and fall. On her days off, she likes to catch up on her favorite series on Netflix or take a trip to the mall.
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