How to Manifest Anything into Your Life!

In these last six months, I have been researching and diving into the world of crystal healing, reiki, and manifestation. In this article, I will just be focusing on what exactly manifestation is and a step by step on how to do it. 


What does “Manifestation” mean? The simplest definition would be that manifestation is something that is put into your physical reality through thought, feelings, and beliefs. Which means whatever you are focusing on is what you are bringing into your reality.  

Maybe you are really wanting to score a summer internship and you start to focus on specifically where and when you wanted it. Your thoughts and feelings begin to strongly surround that idea. Then after some visualization of the goal and sending that energy into the universe, it could be manifested into your life. If you end up getting that summer internship, then you have successfully manifested it into your reality.   


How to Manifest Anything! 

Step 1: Figure out exactly what you want to Manifest 

The word exactly is very important in this step. You need to be specific in what it is and why you want in your life. This want can be big or small. When picking a thing to manifest, ask yourself, do I really want this in my heart? How will it be beneficial to me and for others? When you think about it, does it feel right? After making sure the want is only for the greater good and healthy for you personally, then you can start really connecting with the intention, and believe that you will receive what you ask for.  


Step 2: Write Down and Visualize  

I have personally started a new journal just dedicated to my intentions I want to manifest, which others who have practiced this for years say is the best method. When you write down an intention you want to manifest, write it in present tense as if it is happening. For example, “I am working at Self Esteem Brands in Woodbury as a public relations summer intern.” Next, visualize, make it as real as possible. Try to do a multi-sensory visualization. Try to see, hear, smell, touch, and taste the want you are trying to manifest. Obviously, if the want doesn’t have a taste you can skip that one, but again make it as real as possible in your mind. Add as many details, pour your energy, concentrate into seeing your want with your mind’s eye, and then let all the good feelings course inside you. You can do this anywhere. Some like to do it at the end of their yoga session, during meditation, and/or before going to bed.  


Step 3: Take out anything that stands in your way 

There are always things that stand between us and our success. These are the most common manifestation blocks: Negative mindset, toxic people, and timing. If you are in a bad place emotionally and focusing on negativity, you can not expect to attract good things into your life. You first need to get yourself into a positive mindset. Take some time to practice self-care, before you try to “wish” it into your life. Toxic people are anyone who doesn’t believe in you, are constantly criticizing you and/or complain about everything. These people are blocks that will keep you from doing your best and will cause you to doubt yourself just like how they doubt your potential. Lastly, timing is a block because we can become impatient when our manifestations aren’t happening right when we want them to happen. Everything happens at the right time and for the right reasons. So just keep the visualizations and belief alive.  


Step 4: Recognize and Appreciate 

This last step is for when you have successfully manifested your intention into your life. It is important to look back to before your intention was in your reality and appreciate that it has happened. This will help your manifestation potential in the future. Go back to your journal where you wrote your want and take the time to remember what it took to receive it. Remember why you wanted it, how you felt when you took the time to imagine it in your head and consider the proof that you made this happen for you.  


That is how you manifest anything you want into your life. The core is having a belief that you deserve this in your life and that it will happen for you no matter the time it takes. That is what I struggle with since I am also a beginner to this world of manifestation. I hope this step by step helps you with your own manifestation journey.