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Wait? There’s a Mankato Bus app? My exact reaction when I was online at mnsu.edu looking for the bus times to pick up from my destination. What is this app about? The IT Solution at MNSU has designed this app and it is originally called the “Mankato Area Bus Tracking” and it attempts for you to connect your location and see all the buses moving from bus stop to bus stop. So, let’s say you are in your apartment or on campus and you need to do something quick. This app allows you to see where the bus you take is moving, so if you have one minute until the bus arrives, you can walk out of your apartment or on campus and start walking to the bus stop. It is like google earth when you are watching the “live feed” but for buses instead, on google satellite. This app has made my life a whole lot easier when I need to catch the bus, hopefully now it will help yours too!

The IT Solution designed this app because they thought it would be useful for students when they are in a rush. Or here in Minnesota when winter rolls around and you don’t want to sit at the bus stop for five minutes, it is easier to look at the app just to see when the bus will be at your stop.

Now you will never miss the bus due to the Mankato Area Bus Tracking app!

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