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Five Mantras for Procrastinators

“Play it by ear”
You know yourself better than anyone, so you know that at the beginning of each and every one of your days, you do not have a set schedule to be followed. And that is just fine! Actually, I would say it makes life exciting! Just don’t let this “lack” of schedule stress you out. However,

“When playing it by ear stresses you out, list it”

My definition of a procrastinator is someone who waits until the last minute to get tasks done. Sometimes (often times) procrastinators go one step further and don’t get those tasks done at all. I believe that it’s alright to get things done at the last minute because they are getting done. When they aren’t, though, that is not alright. When/if that begins happening to you, 1) Calm Down, 2) Make a List, 3) Get Sh** Done. See? Easy peazy!


“Didn’t read it? Don’t weep.”

If you held off doing your homework or just really anything that was supposed to be done well before, don’t weep! If the task can still be done, do it. If it can’t, move on. Don’t let yourself get overwhelmed and dwell on something that will not ruin your life. This is similar to not sweating the small things.


“Be yourself”

If you are a procrastinator, accept it or change it. Being a procrastinator is a lifestyle and if it’s not a lifestyle you enjoy then change it! We are humans, I promise that it’s possible. However, if you feel like this is something you absolutely cannot change about yourself (or that you have no desire to change) then accept it. Heck, be the most successful procrastinator that ever lived. In all sense of the phrase, just be yourself.



“Don’t procrastinate”

All procrastinators know this one… Honestly, just keep telling yourself this and ironically enough, it helps.


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