Eating Healthy in 2018

Eating healthy doesn't have to be difficult! In fact, it is super easy when you get the hang of it! Having proper nutrition does NOT mean excessive dieting, or keeping yourself from enjoying foods that are good. Healthy eating can provide many benefits such as improving your health, benefiting your mood and overall making yourself feel good.

To start your change into a healthy diet, try changing those unhealthy food items in your fridge or in your pantry, and exchange them for a healthy alternative. Instead of having a bag of Doritos, change them out for Veggie Straws. Try to reduce the unhealthy snacking or binge eating. Apples and peanut butter, grapes, raw vegetables, and many other options are always a good snack food.

MEAL PREP! This is such an easy way to make sure you are making good, wholesome choices. Have your meals prepared and ready to go for the week. Sundays are a perfect day to start meal prepping for the week! Now the question is, “What do I meal prep?”

There are THOUSANDS of options for meal prepping. The simplest meal to prep would be chicken with vegetables and rice. Bake, grill, or saute the chicken in a frying pan. Add some whole grain rice and raw, sauteed, or grilled vegetables. You can make enough for every day of the week. Don’t forget to add a fruit serving to your meal prep as well.

Finding new ways to be healthy is fun! Have a friend help you stay on track and enjoy a healthy 2018.