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“Brooklyn 99” Gifs that Perfectly Describe Everyday Life

That one friend who always third-wheels but everyone is totally okay with it:


When you and your friend link up for a drunk adventure:

When a creepy guy on Instagram asks you to be his sugar baby:

When your friend wants to go out Thursday, Friday AND Saturday:

Going on Tinder like:


Getting drunk and seeing your crush downtown:

How your healthy friend threatens you:


When you wait more than one minute to reply to a text:



Walking out of the dressing room to show your friends your outfit knowing it’s the one:


When you’re hangry and say mean things to your bf but then get food and realize what you did:

When a customer at work pisses you off:


Coming back from crying in the bathroom where you realized you’re a bad b*tch who won’t take any sh*t from customers:


When your friend asks if you want to go out tonight but you already know you are:

When your bf does literally anything:

Those friends who all hang out too much and start to dress the same:

Watching your friend talk to some random guy at the bar knowing she’ll regret it tomorrow:

And then watching said friend leave with that guy:


Then when said friend sees you the next day and asks why you let her do that:


Knowing there’s people out there that haven’t watched “Brooklyn 99”:


“Brooklyn 99” is filled with hilarious one-liners and a fun, diverse cast. If you haven’t watched it yet I really don’t know what you’re waiting for, go on Hulu now and binge! 

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All gifs courtesy of giphy.com


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