“New Girl” Gifs that Perfectly Describe Everyday Life


When your friends force you to hang out with people you don’t want to:


When you go to the bathroom when you’re drunk and see yourself in the mirror


When you see someone trying to hit on your man:


When you get a new outfit and are feeling yourself:


When you think of all the dogs sitting in shelters without homes:


When you see a cute dog when you’re walking down the street:


When someone you hate does literally anything:


When your bff helps you creep on someone’s profile and finds what you were looking for, but then you realize you just spent two hours doing it


When you have no money in your bank account but your friends want you to go out with them:


When you ask your friends what you did last night when you were drunk:

Thinking about your ex like:


When your crush gets a girlfriend, but you have to pretend to be fine:


The face you make at your friend when you get paired for a project:


When someone you hate complains about something they had coming:


When you don’t know how to handle a minor inconvenience in your life:


The many characters of “New Girl” are always saying things that everyone can relate to, and have friendships that one can only wish for. If you haven’t watched this show, I’m just curious...WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?