5 Tips for Long-Distance Relationships

Being away from each other is hard, it is something many people don’t try to do. Distance is extremely hard with relationships and never gets easier. People who do long-distance relationships tend to have already known each other. What about the people that meet each other online first? How do you deal with long-distance anyway? 


  1. Always make time for each other, never fail to set aside time to where you two can actually call. While texting is easy and nice to do, hearing your loved one’s voice is always a must. 


  1. Know that you won’t always be able to talk to each other, especially if you live in different time zones. But you both need time to yourself and to hang out with your friends, and DON’T be afraid to ask for some time apart. 


  1. Enjoy the time that you do get to spend together, even if it’s only for a few minutes before you have to go to an event or just do something in general.


  1. Don’t be afraid to be on call with your Significant other while you both are working on something else, or aren’t exactly paying attention. That’s okay! No one said you always have to be talking to be enjoying each other’s company. 


  1.  Lastly, Be patient. Meeting your significant other online it’s a struggle because there is the chance that you’ve never met in person. So hold on, because one day you will get a plane ticket to see them and it will change. And if they have to leave again, just know it isn’t a forever thing.