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3 Recipes to Kickstart Your Fall

Fall is the best time for trying new recipes and changing it up. With the cold weather coming in that means it’s time for soups, chili, and home baked goods! Here are just a few of my staples for fall cooking.  

  1. Chili 

The thing I love the most I love about chili is about how absolutely versatile it is. Play around with the type of meat, or non-meat, added to it. One thing I’ve tried is ground turkey over ground beef for a more lean chili. Change up the spice level, type of beans and additives for a whole new recipe! Topping it with the classics like cheese and sour cream is the way to go, but why not try chives or avocado! 

My all time favorite recipe can be found here. There are even more ways to play around with it! Find what kind of chili best fits you this fall. 

2. Pumpkin French Toast 

Okay, let’s be real here, fall is NOTHING with out something a little pumpkin flavored. Pie, toast, coffee, you name it, you can probably add pumpkin to it. Sometimes it can be a bit over powering with the right recipe, it can be done just right. Not a fan of french toast? That’s okay too! In this recipe she includes her very own recipe for pumpkin butter. On its own, this would be great on a bagel or toast. 

3. Pasta

Not only is this a hearty pasta, but its made with seasonal veggies and so much more. Roasted veggies & parmesean noodles are all you really need to fill you up on a fall day. What’s so great about this is it’s an easy prep and will get you through the whole week! If you meal prep this one is great for you. The other great thing about this recipe, like the chili, is that it works as a base. This one is meatless so it’s great for those that don’t consume animal product but for those that do, you can add chicken, bacon or much more to add your own flair! 

Take a look here for the recipe and all the other suggestions that the author has! 

Try one or all three of these out! Do your own search and find what is great for you this fall. 

And more importantly, 

Happy Eating! 

Currently, a fifth year student at MNSU, Mankato majoring in History with a minor in Psychology. Self proclaimed Netflix and coffee addict with a passion for writing. 
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