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What is all the Hype Around Soulcycle?

We all wonder what the hype around SoulCycle is as our favorite celebrities like Victoria Beckham, Beyonce, and Former First Lady, Michelle Obama are spotted leaving the trendy spin boutique looking as sweaty and fit as ever. SoulCycle is a fitness studio specializing in indoor spin classes. The company is known for their cardio, and high energy classes, giving clients a chance to burn calories and feel the music as they ride their bike for 45 minutes.

Why is the workout so popular? If you are not a workout junkie, you might think it is just another trendy fad that people do to make themselves seem cool. The Soul community is amazing though,  and the instructor and staff make newbies and regulars feel welcome. Marymount Manhattan Student Juliette Deutsch is a Soul rider who has developed a true passion for the Soul workout and technique;  “I would absolutely recommend soul to others. I think there is this generalization around Soul that you have to be really fit or its a club but that is totally not the case. There is a place for everyone and it’s such a great workout that just works. There really is a place for everyone”

SoulCycle is not just another workout but is an inspiring place that lets people listen to music, groove out on a bike, have time to them self and be guided through a journey from the encouraging instructors. Of course Soul has a stigma to be an over dramatized workout because they have such a strong following, but people do not go back because it is trendy. They go back because the workout can become addictive. Deutsch states “The Soul hype really is just the fact that you can do this incredible workout for 45 minutes in the dark to amazing music, with an inspiring message and there is just this insane energy that hooks you from the first ride.” Soul definitely is not cheap, but they offer community classes to help not break the bank. Maybe after trying out Soul, you will be hooked and ride your heart out.


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