RECAP: Her Campus MMM's First Year!

A year ago, Paige and I decided to start a Her Campus chapter at Marymount Manhattan College. We prepped all summer for our September 16th launch (I remember the date specifically well because it also happens to be Nick Jonas' birthday, which is basically a national holiday, right? LOL.) and we are so appreciative of the awesomeness that has come from our chapter. Since Marymount is a small school we were nervous that no one was going to want to join our chapter but luckily we have had awesome support from our contributing members, friends, and professors and it has been incredible! From College Fashion Week to our Reebok Fithub Event, it's been so fun. We ranked as a Gold Level Chapter during the Fall and Spring semesters, which I was not expecting to happen at all. I hope that you all enjoy checking out HCMMM and like being a part of it, thanks for making it rule! - HCXO, Jessica Norton.

Since freshman year Her Campus has been a website that I've turned to for information, advice, and entertainment. I always thought that starting a chapter at Marymount would be so cool, but I never thought I could do it. Well, nearly a year later and along with Jess, we did do it. Jess and I were so unsure of what to expect about the experience and about how it would be received at Marymount. Our chapter has exceeded all of my expectations. We built a staff, met content deadlines, achieved Gold Level status, got the opportunity to become more involved in our school community, and got to build a community of our own. I can't even begin to describe the amount of pride I feel for having started this chapter and the excitement I feel for the future of it. Through my experience with Her Campus I have learned that I can do things that may appear hard (or impossible) and that the hard things are usually the best things. Also I got to write about Adam Levine, which is probably one of my favorite things to do. Thank you so much for everyone who made this year great and who, I'm sure, will make next year even better!- HCXO, Paige Gawley

HCMMM would not be possible without our contributing writers! Thank you for sending us your wonderful pieces, meeting deadlines, and sharing your stories!

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