It's Officially Spring In New York City!

As I type this, my phone is buzzing with a notification from The Weather Channel app alerting me of a Winter Weather Advisory about snow in the forecast for today, the first day of spring... ugh. New Yorkers have endured the most blistery, body-numbingly cold weather during the winter season (and is it just me or does it seems to be getting worse every year?) and we rejoiced last week at temperatures that peaked just below 60 degress. Yes, toes were exposed, jackets were stowed away, and everyone was actually in a good mood, proving that Seasonal Affective Disorder is very real.

Although it may be snowing today, we can still look forward to the sunny, warm days of spring that will soon be upon us (I promise!) As Marymount Manhattan students, we look forward to the warm weather because it makes the walk to school a lot more enjoyable and we can finally enjoy everything that city has to offer without wearing clunky snowboots and seven layers. Here's what some MMM students had to say via Twitter: