I'm Addicted to Coffee and I Don't Care

I think all the caffeine addicts out there can quickly agree that first cup of coffee in the morning… which we all have every single morning (seriously, no days off)... is one of the best feelings. That said, I’m addicted to coffee and I don’t care.

The beginning of my relationship with coffee had a rocky start. I hated the taste and covered it with mass amounts of sugar. Obviously that was not a good idea for my body or skin. But as our bond grew stronger, we didn’t need so much cushion between us. Black coffee with a splash of milk will do, which is something I never imagined achieving.

There are so many studies out there that say how too much caffeine is unhealthy. And I, by no means, have scientific knowledge on the topic. But I have found a way to have my lattes (yes, plural) and drink them, too. I drink about half a liter to a full liter of water before drowning my taste buds in delicious brown liquid. It helps so much. 

If I’m being completely and totally honest, I think free coffee might make me happier than free pizza. Coffee is an amazing pick me up, but that’s not the only benefit. Research shows that coffee drinkers have a lower risk of depression than non-drinkers (Cosmopolitan). *Warning TMI content* coffee poops are kind of the best, anyone agree? If not, let’s pretend I never said that. Maybe I should have said it helps with digestion, oh well.

Java junkies unite!

Check out some monumental moments of me and coffee below:

This photo is from my first date with a caramel frappuccino (yes, there is extra drizzle) in 2012.

‘Til death do us part.

This sign spoke to me on an emotional level.

We’ve even spent some time together in Paris.

We go to business meetings together, too.

And have had one too many photo shoots. 

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