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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at MMM chapter.

If anyone is ever wondering where to find me, head over to Pure Barre NYC to catch me either taking class to work on my seat and sculpt of my arms, or you can come ask me some questions while I work the front desk for Pure Barre NYC. I began my barre journey during my senior year of high school when I decided to stop dancing. When my dance days came to an end, and I no longer had to sit through long rehearsals, I was bored and felt like I needed to find some sort of physical activity to invest my time in. I was determined to find a workout that would keep my dancer body intact, allow for myself to have an hour of me time, and that would help distract myself from the outside world.

Around this time, I found out that my mom had bought a Pure Barre Groupon from my home studio in Chesapeake, Virginia. One day, I realized my mom had never used her Groupon, and I decided to take advantage of her 5 class pack. After my first class of burning my muscles and being sore for a few days after, I was hooked and of course, purchased my first pair of “grippy” socks.

Pure Barre not only offered me a great workout, but it introduced me to a wonderful community of empowered women who all came with hopes of leaving the studio a little bit stronger.  Dance studios are very similar to Pure Barre studios. With both, you build relationships with your fellow peers as you create your “barre” family. I am proud to have found my new barre family. Since starting my barre journey, I have learned so much about my body and now understand the true meaning of Mind over Matter.

Pure Barre is a full body workout. The class begins with a warm-up, followed by a thigh section, then a seat section, and ends with a cool down involving an abb work. Within the Pure Barre technique, there are three types of classes offered, Classic, Empower, and the newest class, Reform.

My Pure Barre Journey has involved nothing but personal achievement, as I feel strong mentally and physically now.  My home studio Pure Barre Chesapeake pushed me to have the best form, and I am forever grateful for the staff and instructors there. My next Pure Barre adventure includes me being a Barre Teacher at Pure Barre NYC. Pure Barre NYC has allowed me to show my love for Pure Barre, whether it be through telling new clients how I developed a passion for barre, or by taking class with all of the amazing instructors who teach with great passion and enthusiasm.

Pure Barre may seem intimidating to those who have never taken a barre or dance class, but once you find the groove of the class, it becomes an addicting activity that can be incorporated into your daily schedule. No matter where you live, look for your local Pure Barre so you can be welcomed to the family that lifts, tucks and burns together.